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Butcher Block Table

Using Padauk (red center) and other exotic hardwoods to frame the table such as Cocobolo, Ebony, and Mahogony this butcher block table stands 36" tall and is approximately 24" square. The legs are painted black 

Using very hard European Maple cut from a 10' x 2" x 9" board into 2" x 4" sections this chopping block is sturdy and is life-long work horse. Each section was carefully glued together using water proof glue.

 The interior of this butcher block is made of European maple. The outside is wrapped with 2" square by 6" long mahogany sections. At one end there is a mahogany towel rack and at the other end there is a walnut knife sheath. The legs are mahogany. 

With two mahogany drawers.

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