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Chairs and Stools

Office Chairs

This office chair has Bubinga legs with a back support made out of Curly maple, European maple and Walnut, as well as Cherry for the rails and a long hair cow hide on the seat. It provides great support while working at a desk. A deer antler shed is used as a chair pull.

2nd Office Chair

This chair includes a slice of agate in the back that is surrounded by Curly Maple on the top and the bottom. The curly Maple has smaller slices of agate on the back side. Walnut veneers adorn the top of the back and Canary wood from Central America function as the legs both front and back. Additionally the top of the back is overlapped with a hammered section of copper. The seat is made from a section of hairy cow hide. A deer antler shed is used as a chair pull.

Bar Stools

The back legs are Figured Sapele, the front legs are Honduran Mahogany and the apron is Curly Maple. The seat and backs are covered with ostrich stamped leather. The back rail back is covered with walnut burl veneer. Walnut joinery plugs add extra detail to the back side of the rungs.

Vanity Seat

This bathroom seat has mahogany legs and a curly maple skirt. The top is adorned with thick foam and a beaver skin. 

Step Stool - Wormy Chestnut

 Made to fit with other Wormy Chestnut furniture.

Kitchen Table and Counter-top

Kitchen Chairs

These Wormy Chestnut chairs were made to accompany the Kitchen Table and Counter-top. A translucent agate has been added to the back of the chair allowing the light from the window to cascade through the agate. 

Dining Room Chairs

This chair has legs made from the African hardwood, Bubinga. A skirt made from American Curly Maple and Cherry and a back from Curly Maple. Perfect for sitting at the table whether playing cards or eating a fine dinner.

Seat cover

The back of the chair has a comfortable spot for pulling the chair out from the table. The contrasting hard woods blend well with the soft seat of leather stamped with an Ostrich pattern. Curly Maple repeats in the back skirt rail. Six of these chairs were made to fit comfortably around a 74 " x 30 " dining room table

Ambrosia Maple Chair


 This chair is perfect for use as a small seating area in the kitchen where notes are taken. It is also a good chair to use for a child.


2nd Ambrosia Maple Chair 

This chair has a unique back that I joined at an angle. It sits under bar height yet higher than table height. It is perfect for that one of a kind table.

School chair with Spalted Maple logs

Chair back Book matched using one log

 Base is 2.5" thick, long grain and end grain joined.

Child's Chair and desk

Using Ambrosia Maple with it beautiful grain pattern I reseated and backed this child's old school chair. Also using Ambrosia Maple I created a short table but this time I made a custom set of legs using copper tubing.

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