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Shoji Doors 

These exotic and artistic shoji doors are made in a variety of woods. We customize different forms of shoji, such as door-and-wood-track systems, pocket doors, closet doors, window treatments and freestanding room dividers. 

 * Image is printed on translucent, UV protected, 20 lb. vellum paper. 

 * Will not yellow with age 

 * Moisture resistant and smudge proof

Western Canyon - photographed in Utah

 Frame: Reclaimed Wormy Chestnut 

 Image: Wash Basin Canyon, Utah.

Bottom track

Upper track

Bottom track

Shoji Screen slides freely from side to side Can be made to extend to one side or another, revealing more of the glass sliding glass doors.

"African Safari"

 Frame: Oak

 Image: In the bush, Botswana, Africa.

"Adirondack Woods"

 Frame: Birch

 Image: Adirondacks, New York

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