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* Design and feel are an important part when making a writing instrument. Consideration for the writers experience is always taken into consideration.
* Pens are made from exotic woods, acrylics cast in our shop, antlers (elk & deer), and artist photos that are embedded in our clear polyester resins.
* Each pen is sanded and buffed to a satin or high gloss finish depending on the material used.
* Pens include a label that describes the finish and the type material used to make the pen.
* For fun, each pen has been given a name.
* All pens are one-of-a-kind and turned on a lathe.
* The twist pens pull apart top from bottom to replace the ink cartridge.
* Pen refills can be purchased at any local stationary store.
* The rollerballs and fountain pens unscrew at the tip to replace the cartridge.
* Multiple pens can be made at a discount for Christmas corporate gifts.

Additionally, I will make a custom pen with individual requirements. I can make a pen out of almost any material. For example:

I made this pen for a customer who while wine tasting in the Burgundy region of France found a piece of the vine's root from their favorite vineyard in France.

MH Studios Hand Made Pens


I made this pen for a customer who had a memorable time on the French Riviera who brought back a fallen limb from a beautiful Olive tree in the park like setting at the resort where they vacationed.

MH Studios Hand Made Pens


I made this pen for a customer who found a deer shed antler with his son while walking through a meadow.

MH Studios hand made pens


Your logo on a pen. Resin based with 24 Kt Gold.

MH Studios hand made pens


Part of a tree who's tree limb you swung on as a child.
Your favorite team and player's name on a pen.
Your name on a pen
The ideas and materials are endless.

Just email me at contact@mhstudios.com with your special requests.




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