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Wooden Lamps

wooden lamp
Leopard lace wooden lamp

Leopard Lace Wood Lamp:  This lamp is made from lacewood, an exotic African hardwood, Bolivian rosewood and Osage Orange wood.  The osage orange base with live edge in tact, supports the lamp.  This lamp is a sculpture and piece of art.  It will add a stunning addition to any room whether lit at night or unlit during the day.

Add a timer to the outlet in which the lamp is connected.  It can also be put on a dimmer to adjust the amount of light that emanates from the lamp.  Use a dimmable LED bulb to reduce heat.

Brown and white swirly glass, frosted and etched glass and molted clear glass are connected with copper.  The top is removable to allow for easy bulb changing.  The top is made from lacewood and a stunning glass primal sits on top that allows light to cascade gently through it.

Hard maple feet and a brown cord with an inline switch


wooden lamp
Osage orange wooden lamp

Osage orange wooden lamp:  This lamp is made of hand selected pieces of various woods.  The base is made from Osage orange wood with the live edge in tact.  The body of the lamp is made from white limba and curly maple woods.   

Brown and white swirly stained glass is joined together with the clear molted stained glass using copper foil.   The top has a decorative finial that is painted with copper material.  Each side of the top is adorned with a decorative metal gear.

Holes in the top allow light to cascade elegantly and gently through the top.

Brown cord and in line switch

Height:  24.5'
Irregular Base:  11" at its widest points


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