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MH Studios Boxes      MH Studios Boxes
MH Studios Boxes Lob Box
Log Box Log BOx


Solid pieces of walnut and cherry were routered into cavities to make up these high polished boxes.

The top of the first box contains five decorative dowels, two of the dowels hold the padauk (an exotic African wood) handle. The base is a solid 2 inch thick piece of walnut. The shape of the box was dictated by the grain and figure in the walnut and cherry wood.

Walnut mahagony Amonite

Carved box

Spalted Maple one piece Cedar box
Swirly bule glass lacewood Walnut burl
Burl box Padauk Rosewood leather Lacewood
Walnut spalted maple Log Box
Log Box Log Box
Log Box Log Box

Stone and flag box
Hand carved flag into the top of this travertine
stone box with leather handles

Stone and flag box
Glass and wood box Glass and wood box



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